WHYPAY? is operated by Nexbridge Communications Ltd, a leading innovator in the telecoms sector. Its Board of Directors has amassed more than 60 years experience in the ICT community and the company operates as a Communications Provider (CP) to enterprise customers and call centres.

Following regulatory changes in 2007 which introduced a new number range (03), the Nexbridge team (at the time, Zimo Communications) set about creating a brand new, free voice conference service named WHYPAY? which brought genuine benefits to people dialling into conference rooms from mobile phones.

This was because Ofcom’s regulatory change stipulated that calls to numbers in the 03 range MUST be included in bundled minutes, whether made from a fixed line or a mobile telephone. Other “free conference” services typically use 08 numbers or voice short codes, which may be specifically excluded from bundles and are often charged at a much higher rate.

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