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Affordable conference calls

In the fast paced business world of today, conference calls are the most cost effective way of arranging meetings between colleagues, business partners, investors and clients who may be located all over the globe. As the world becomes smaller, teleconferencing is fast becoming the preferred communication method to connect to a number of people at a moment’s notice. With affordable voice conference calls provided by a large number of service providers, it is just a matter of figuring out your requirements and comparing the various conferencing services to pick the right conferencing solution for you.

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AdminAffordable conference calls

Conference bridge

A conference bridge is what you call the equipment that makes it possible to converge a number of audio and video connections to a single destination. The conference bridge receives inbound signals from the telephone switch and confirms the same with a return signal. It is a conference bridge that makes it possible for conference calls to be conducted for any number of locations, with any number of connections.

A conference bridge is basically a device that connects multiple circuits to make a conference call. They are also available for key telephone systems and PBX systems.

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AdminConference bridge

Telephone conferencing

Telephone conferencing is one of the best collaboration tools available for businesses today. There are times when it may not be enough to just send an email, you just have to talk to the people concerned. This is when telephone conferencing comes into play.

Imagine a scenario where you need vital feedback on a presentation that you have put together not only in terms of just the content but also on the delivery. If your colleagues are scattered all over the world, which is how most businesses are nowadays, through telephone conferencing you can receive valuable input from them no matter where they are situated.

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AdminTelephone conferencing

Phone conferencing

Phone conferencing is fast becoming the preferred way of conducting business especially with more and more people choosing to work from homes or running their own home businesses. People do not want to waste their time commuting, but at the same time, communication needs have increased and demand more sophisticated solutions such as phone conferencing.

Phone conferencing is an easy way of distant communication. Conferencing solutions have increased in popularity and teleconferencing is the preferred choice for most businesses. There are many conference service providers who offer affordable and effective phone conferencing options. There was a time when small business owners never even considered call conferencing as a viable option. But now they can also make a conference call by dialling into a conference bridge provided by a vendor.

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AdminPhone conferencing

Voice conference

A voice conference is nothing but a telephone conferencing service that allows you to participate in a meeting with members in different locations even without having to book the conference call in advance. Through voice conference, you can hold conference calls whenever you wish. The service is available at a moments notice, and you can be call conferencing any time, wherever you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A voice conference allows you to discuss and share information just as you would in a face to face meeting with all the participants in the room.

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AdminVoice conference

Plan your next big event using conference calling

Conference calls are those calls where three or more people from any geographical location simultaneously communicate with each other over an ordinary telephone line. Call conferencing has become a very popular communication option in the last few years. Almost all mobile service providers offer the facility for 3 way phone conferencing as an inbuilt feature. Internet has also made it easier for the end user to avail of many different kinds of conferencing services. Plan your next big event using a voice conference; it has many benefits as we will see below.

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AdminPlan your next big event using conference calling

Chairing a conference call – top tips

Are you new to the world of call conferencing? If you are, it is but natural to feel uncertain about a conference call that you have to participate in, or worse yet, one that you have to chair. But there is nothing to it really. Chairing a teleconference is quite easy once you are prepared. All that you need to do is a bit of organising and a little moderation during the call. Read on to find out how.

Phone conferencing is one of the easiest work related tasks once you get the hang of it. Many conference call service providers offer affordable conference solutions that are easy to use. When you are chairing a voice conference, keep the following tips in mind.

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AdminChairing a conference call – top tips

Audio conferencing offers real business benefits

Audio call conferencing is a great way to communicate with a number of people at the same time. A conference call offers some great business benefits and that is the reason why businesses embrace it as one of the most prominent means of communicating with employees, business partners and customers no matter where they are located.

Conferencing services provide a great alternative to frequent business travel. Business travel and accommodation is one of the biggest yearly expenses of an organisation. Not to mention the time that is lost in travel. By choosing the right conferencing solution suited for your business, you can significantly reduce your travel and accommodation expenses.

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AdminAudio conferencing offers real business benefits

Some scenarios for using audio conferencing

Audio call conferencing is one of the most popular ways for businesses to bring down travel and accommodation expenses. There is no requirement for specialised knowledge or expensive equipment to participate in a voice conference. More and more businesses are choosing conferencing services to communicate with employees, business partners and clients, instead of organising elaborate meetings in person.

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AdminSome scenarios for using audio conferencing

Free conference calling from mobiles on WHYPAY?

Teleconferencing is a popular means of communication for many business organisations these days. There are many teleconferencing service providers that offer highly sophisticated but not necessarily affordable conference call services. Conferencing solutions are not restricted to just speaking to more than one person at a time over the telephone line. There are also video and web conferencing services that you can take advantage of if the need arises. However, telephone conferencing remains one of the most popular call conferencing options today.

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AdminFree conference calling from mobiles on WHYPAY?